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Real-time job post -to -candidate matching


Real-time Workforce Mapping, metrics and optimization


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Who We Are

Talenthunt360 is a revolutionary global talent optimization platform for those offering professional engineering and medical services. This is based in Canada and defined by our insistence on:

Integrity . Global Standards. Collaboration

Analytics and data are transforming the world of talent and we aim to use these to give employers and trainers providing professional engineering and medicine services a competitive edge in these rapidly changing fields. We wish to raise the profile of engineering and medicine by giving engineers and doctors a competitive edge globally, by cultivating a self-development and innovation driven professional practice culture using our proprietary Engineers360® Technology. We offer:

  • Online real-time job profiling and candidate matching tools using drop-down menus using standardized and global engineering and medical competencies

  • Real-time workforce mapping, Skills-Gap Analyzer and Labour Market Reporter tools to define your optimization strategies

  • Online self-directed learning based on customized skills-gaps analysis through our Advanced Competencies Training Platform to bring out and develop the total potential of your professional engineering and medical workforces.

Talenthunt 360Edge

Insert your hiring needs into our proprietary Job Profiler and run our Talent Spider to instantly connect to the best available candidates in our global or local talent pool.

Talenthunt 360Top

Map your entire engineering or medical workforce using our job profiler and talent spider technology Optimize your workforce using real-time workforce metrics to ensure you have the best employee in the right job in your existing workforce Track competency gaps in your entire engineering and medical workforce to develop talent management strategies.

Talenthunt 360Act

Track job trends by discipline, sub-discipline, speciality and more using our proprietary Labour Market Reporter. Identify detailed skills-gaps in the market in real-time using proprietary Skills Tracker and proactively implement exclusive training and retention solutions customized to your need.