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Talenthunt360 is defined by our insistence on:

Integrity . Global Expertise . Collaboration

We aim to raise the profile of engineering and medicine by giving engineers and doctors a competitive edge globally by cultivating a self-development and innovation driven culture and translating that into business success.

Using our Engineers360® Technology Talenthunt360:

  • Captures candidate portfolios that can be updated online using up-to-date standardized global engineering and medical competency menus
  • Provides detailed workforce mapping and analytics in real-time empowering employers to optimize their engineering and medical talent
  • Offers customized individual and corporate objectives-driven self-directed online learning based on actual real -time competency gaps
  • Creates a fair global standard and opportunity for all to work, learn and contribute to the professions of engineering and medicine

The 360 Experience

Dream Big . Position Yourself . Stand Out

Did you know that engineering and medical jobs are evolving and changing fast in a very exiting environment? Powerful forces are driving rapid, profound changes in the role of engineering and medicine in society. These include demographics, globalization, and rapidly evolving technologies. As a result the nature of professional practice is being transformed dramatically. Today's globally charged workforce and technology demand far broader skills than simply the mastery of a few techniques in a single discipline.

Combined with the above, the recent global recession of unprecedented proportions, consequent large-scale healthcare cutbacks and unemployment has created a large talent pool of engineering and medical professionals around the world who are asking "how do I get my dream job?".

Are you asking "What kind of job can I expect? ", "Will I end up working for a small practice, organization or a workshop or take up a non-traditional career path and work as a manager, teacher etc.?" Then you need to know that there are more than 335 medical colleges and almost 700 engineering colleges in India alone? That thousands of engineering and medical graduates are looking for a job on a daily basis and thousands more are not working in these professions worldwide. To boot, thousands are not happy in their jobs.

Find out where you want to work and what the employers want. Most importantly find out what skills you are lacking. The key to finding the right job - upgrade and bridge your skills gap for the real world of engineering and medicine. . Be work ready and prepared for the real job as our real-time technology and Talenthunt360 cloud platform empower you and connect you with global engineering players especially employers and cutting-edge training.

We are a global player focusing on bringing engineers, doctors and employers together on a cloud platform - all at no cost to you. No need to send resumes and no need to search for employers. Our break-through next generation technology automatically matches employer needs to your portfolio! . Build your portfolio today and know where you are globally.


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Gurmeet Bambrah, PhD, FICE, R.Consulting engineer (Kenya), ACEK (Member)

Founder and CEO

Gurmeet Bambrah PhD is the founder of the Talenthunt360 and Engineers360 cloud platforms for the new kind of professionals that our rapidly globalizing world is demanding. Talenthunt360 aims to enpower all engineers and doctors to have a fair opportunity to learn, share, collaborate, create, innovate and contribute to the evolving world of engineering and medicine. As the strategic thought leader on global issues, Gurmeet is responsible for all product conceptualization, research, design, development and branding decisions for Talenthunt360

Prior to this Gurmeet was the CEO responsible for building CAPE Council for Access to the Profession of Engineering, a web-based, action research community of thousands of engineers 300 doctors drawn from over 130 countries. Gurmeet has extensive diverse experience in civil and systems engineering, research and development. She holds several degrees in engineering from the UK, is a fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK), a registered consulting engineer and a member of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Kenya. She was the past Vice President of the International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association. She has authored many publications and presented numerous papers.
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Razaq Ijaduola, PhD


Razaq Ijaduola PhD is the chief Technology Officer at Talenthunt360. He is a versatile software developer who has more than 10 years of experience on major programming and development projects. He brings extensive knowledge of various platforms and applications and demonstrated ability to design, implement, debug and document applications. As a web developer he worked on the new interface of Engineers360 and Talenthunt360 websites.

Prior to Talenthunt360, Razaq was responsible for IT development of a software platform for graduate job placement. In addition he lectured in physics at University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria for over 10 years. An authority in physics, he was a research scientist at ICTP, Italy, and is currently a volunteer trainer of the ICTP open source workshop group responsible for training third world scientists. He holds several degrees in physics from Nigeria.

Phillip McGregor

Communications and Multi-Media Director

Phillip McGregor, B.Sc. has recently joined us as our Multi-Media productions expert. He has over a decade of agency and writing experience encompassing video/television/film/live performance media production. Currently a studio manager, Phillip now brings his skills

The Team


Kanz Soar, MA

Manager Business Development

Kanz Soar, MA specializes in change management and business development. He brings fresh and up-to-date perspectives on change management to Talenthunt360. He has experience in collaborative technologies and technology transfer from Africa, Europe and North America. A highly creative individual, Kanz is responsible for strategic planning, and marketing as well as opening new doors to evolving business models at Talenthunt360.



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