Advanced Analytics in Talent Optimization | Job to candidate matching

Unleashing the Value Advanced Analytics in Talent Optimization

Over the past 15 years revolutionary advances in computing technology and the explosion of new digital data sources have expanded and reinvented the core disciplines of engineering and medicine. Today's advanced analytics push far beyond the boundaries of traditional data analysis. An epic shift in workforce optimization and talent acquisition employing predictive analytics is the result of this providing new more accurate and faster means to look ahead and hire the right professionals for the right positions at the right time.

Talenthunt360 using its proprietary technology to provides real-time on-demand talent optimization solution driven by predictive analytics increasing workforce quality and reducing recruitment costs in the fields of engineering and medicine.

Our real-time hiring by analytics approach offers the following advantages:

  • Simple step-by-step capture of candidate skills and attributes using global competency benchmarks
  • Real-time report on skills-gaps analysis to help candidates develop advanced career plans
  • Simple step-by-step job posting to capture employer requirements instantly producing candidate rating and candidate-to-job skills-matching to highlight skills -gaps upfront before hiring
  • Total workforce optimization, skills tracking and workforce analysis in real-time on-demand.
  • An advanced online competencies and integrated professional knowledge learning platform

Talenthunt360 is a unique, simple, low-cost and powerful talent optimization platform - the only such platform for employers interested in hiring and improving the quality of professionally trained engineers, physicians, medical specialists and surgeons.