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About Us

Talenthunt360 is a global talent optimization platform based in Canada. This is defined by our insistence on:

Integrity . Global Standards . Collaboration

We aim to create a fair global standard and opportunity for all to work, learn and contribute to the professions of engineering and medicine. We wish to raise the profile of engineering and medicine by giving engineers and doctors a competitive edge globally, by cultivating a self-development and innovation driven professional practice culture using our proprietary Engineers360® Technology. We offer

  • Online portfolio builder tools which you complete only once and update anytime using up-to-date drop-down menus using standardized and global engineering and medical competencies

  • Real-time Skills-Gap Analyzer and Labour Market Reports so you can generate customized skills-gaps and jobs analysis on how to position yourself for the job that suits you

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Capture your skills using global terminology to obtain your skills report and have your online portfolio instantly seen by employers around the world

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Obtain a customized report identifying your skills gaps against real-time jobs. Check out IPK360, our advanced platform for forward looking training

Supported Professions

Currently serving the professions of engineering and medicine. Coming soon information and communications technology.