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Advanced Competencies Training

Today's professionals, especially those in the healthcare, engineering and other regulated fields are continuously looking for ways to increase their skills and knowledge often including continuing education to stay up to date with current trends and rapid industry changes. The Talenthunt360 professional development workshops enable you to broaden your knowledge, stay current and develop new skills that you can immediately apply on the job.

In the 21st century agility (ability to keep up with change) is a key competency for those in the learned professions.. As employers and jobs expand their geographic and broaden expertise, technology has enabled better knowledge delivery and sharing. Professionals now face new challenges in training a dispersed workforce, from added cost and tougher logistics to subtle cultural barriers that can impede global learning and adherence to the corporate culture. The push for professionals to understand the greyer areas of new safety, diversity and ethics rules adds to the complexity. Enter "Online Learning Platforms" using which many professions are transitioning to online classes and training to acquire the skills and knowledge they require to keep pace with change in a technology- charged, global and borderless environment.

At the same time a three-tier model of education is evolving in medicine, engineering and other regulated professions that requires:

  • Firm academic grounding in fundamentals of the specific professions, followed by;
  • A transitional learning period leading to entry -to-professional practice and culminating with;
  • The institutionalization of lifelong self-directed advanced competencies learning to combat change in the work place

The Talenthunt360 advanced competencies online learning platform covers the third of these based on real-time skills-gaps in these professions and is the only such on-line learning platform. Our professional development workshops and courses enable you to broaden your knowledge, stay current with change and develop new skills that you can immediately apply on the job. These workshops are designed as Professional Development Units (PDUs) and might help you achieve certification or recertification requirements. They are available online at an accelerated pace to more easily accommodate busy schedules.

Taking one of our professional development courses online can help you grow in your field and position you to take advantage of exciting new opportunities. We offer convenient courses in an innovative and simple online format on topics such as.

  • The skills gap model of life-long learning
  • Preparing for global practice
  • Advanced Communications training
  • Renewable energy applications and incentives

As a student of this platform you will also have access to peer-to-peer mentoring and other helpful online tools and career resources that can help you match your education to your career goals.

Take professional development courses online, from the convenience of your computer, whenever it fits into your schedule. You can enroll in an individual class for personal and professional growth or to explore a new area of interest.

We strive to make continuing education possible, even for the busy professional. View our course schedule, request information or call 866.484.1815 to get started toda